Hydrogenie VFD Wall-mounted Inverter Pump Controller

Hydrogenie VFD

The Davies Hydrogenie wall mount pump controllers are designed to be installed close to a pump in a dry location and provide energy savings in a variable duty application and control and protect the pump.

They require either 230v single phase or 400v three phase supply and can be operated as single or a pair for communication and alternate starting. The inverter monitors and adjusts the pump speed to a pre-set limit via an external transducer installed in pipework. The controller has simple pump logic and is fast and simple to set up and offers complete pump protection against overcurrent, over/under voltage, short circuit and dry running. The LCD screen displays system and set duty points and electrical data.

Operating Features:

  • Frequency inverter for pump control.
  • Automatic restore system after an interruption of power supply. System restores the previous mode keeping the configuration parameters.
  • ART function (Automatic Reset Test) Electronic input for detection of minimum water level in aspiration tank optional. This system is independent of the safety system against dry running operation.
  • Volt-free contact for monitoring the alarms displayed in screen originated by irregularities or problems of the system. This option is only on single phase devices.
  • STC function (Smart Temperature Control): If the temperature of the electronic circuit is over 85ºC it will automatically reduce the frequency of the pump and decrease the generation of heat but keep the system operating.
  • Output 4-20 mA for external pressure transducer.
  • Control and information panel with LCD screen.
  • Supplied with 0-10 bar transducer (see photo, max cable length 15mtr).
  • Inner current sensor with instantaneous digital reading.
  • Register of operational controls. Information about: operating hours, number of starts, number of connections to the power supply.
  • Register of alarms. Information about type and number of alarms recorded since the startup of the device.
  • Aluminium heat exchanger.
  • Cooling by natural or forced convection depending on the model.
  • Two pump control: Two HG controllers can be configured to work in parallel and auto alternate.
  • IP65.
  • Motor supply cable max 30mtr (min 1.5mm) shielded.

Safety System:

  • Control and safety system against overload with auto restart.
  • Electronic control and safety system against dry-running operation with auto restart.
  • Control and safety system against wrong supply voltage with auto restart.
  • Control and safety system against short-circuit between output phase.


  • 1PH or 3PH
  • Variable Speed Control




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