HydroGenie AC - Auto Pump Controller

HydroGenie AC

The Davies Pumps Hydrogenie HG 3 auto pump controller is a simple and reliable device to control and protect a single phase pump up to 1.5Kw (8A). The controller has 1″ ports for simple installation in most pump systems. The HG3 controller has adjustable pump activation pressure settings which will turn the pump on when the system pressure drops below either 1.5, 2 or 2.5bar and turns the pump off when pressure is above the minimum required and the flow has stopped.

It will protect the pump from damage in case of a run dry failure and will attempt periodically over 24 hours to auto restart or can be manually restarted with a simple push button.

An optional gauge can be fitted to show pump performance and for simple troubleshooting of system.

Technical Details:

  • Max pressure: 12Bar
  • Operating temperature range: -0 to +60ºC
  • Connection Thread: 1” male
  • Cut-In Pressure: Adjustable cut in pressure: 1.5, 2.0 & 2.5Bar via the control panel
  • Minimum pump pressures (depending on user set cut in pressure): 1.5Bar = 3.0Bar. 2.0Bar=3.5Bar. 2.5Bar =4.0Bar
  • Automatic reset/restart following run dry: If the pump runs dry the controller will attempt to re-prime 10 times over 24hours, each attempt lasting 5 seconds.
  • 24H Anti-Jam function: If the pump remains idle for 24 consecutive hours the controller will run the pump for 5 seconds to prevent the pump from jamming.


  •  Pre-wired option for rapid installation




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