JET Series

JET Series
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The Davies Cast Iron JET series pumps with their proven reliability and excellent self-priming ability make them a valuable asset to any house or farm water supply system. Jet/venturi design allows suction lift up to 8m – great for drawing from rivers, dams & ponds, shallow wells/bores and underground tanks. Easy to prime and handle suction air leaks. Rugged cast iron pump casing for greater strength.

  • Max pumped liquid temperature: 60°C.
  • Max ambient temperature: 40°C.

Motor Features:

  • Asynchronous, squirrel cage type, enclosed with external cooling.
  • Overload protection: Single phase version incorporate auto reset overload protection, Three phase versions require overload protection supplied by the user.
  • Insulation: Class F.
  • Duty: S1.

Construction Materials:

  • Pump body: cast iron G20.
  • Motor bracket: Di-cast aluminium (cast iron for JET152-302 series).
  • Nozzle & venturi tube: Technopolymer.
  • Diffuser: Techno-polymer for JET61-83, Cast Iron for Jet103-302 series.
  • Impeller: Techno-polymer for JET61-83, Stainless Steel for Jet103-123, Stamped brass for JET152-302 series.
  • Pump shaft: AISI 420F Stainless steel for JET61-122, AISI 304 for JET152-302 series.
  • Mechanical seal: Carbon ceramic.




2 Years

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